The basis of many fortunes is founded on solid rock - on real estate. As experienced asset managers, we know too well what significance properties have for the stability of your assets and which also ideal values often stand behind them. Therefore, real estate investments need special care and counselling - a field of expertise in which we have been at home for many years.

Real Estate Advisory and Management

Real estate forms an essential part within the wealth of many people. Therefore, this asset also requires special expertise. We have this expertise through our many years of experience as wealth advisors, as property owners, as property managers and as your personal consultant with CCI certification for professional real estate management.

We accompany your existing property assets and assist you in optimizing your real estate portfolio. These includes:

  • Advice and support in real estate acquisition, portfolio structuring and -optimization
  • Coordination of “club deals” and special transactions
  • Accompanying transaction processes
  • Valuation of single properties and real estate portfolios (assisted by a sworn appraiser if applicable)
  • Property management and tenant servicing
  • Support at investment projects and modernization, especially in view of the economical, energetic and environmental optimization.

In our real estate counselling, we remain in the deepest meaning of the word down to earth, realistic and value oriented – just as you can expect it from your Trusted Asset Advisors. Through the many years of our activity for banks we also know the market of closed-end fund offers extremely good. With this experience, we are happy to advise you in the evaluation of investments offered to you by third parties. We show you the costs, opportunities and risks of such investments. Really good projects are increasingly rare to find; too often the risk effects of soft costs and credit leverage are underestimated.

To maintain our independence and to ensure not be involved in any conflict of interest also in this asset segment, we at ProVidens Vermögensmanagement GmbH do not distribute any closed-end funds or similar investments.