Value consciousness gets a special meaning when it comes to foundations. This is where your personal values in a special way are filled with life and perpetuated. Therefore, we have accompanied for many years and with proven success donors, foundations and charitable organizations in managing their assets and in creating ideal conditions.

Foundation Advisory

Foundations enrich our society. They store values. The values of its founders continue to live in them. If you deal with the idea of starting a foundation, we assist you with our long years of experience and help you to give your commitment a healthy basis and the appropriate framework. Choice of legal form, statute erection, organ appointment, definition of investment guidelines, approval procedure, communication with foundation supervisory authority and local tax office – starting a foundation is complex and multifaceted. Here we are well versed and know how and when which steps are to be gone. For enabling you to implement your foundation idea, we support you with all our experience, our comprehensive know-how and our extensive network.

Once the foundation is erected, the real work starts for you. Because you have goals and a foundation mission you resp. the foundation seeks to successfully bring to life. To enable you to focus on these issues, we relieve you in administrating the foundation and take over as comprehensive as you wish the endowment administration.

Our expertise in consulting and management of foundations, we got certified by the EBS Business School. We have thus demonstrated the capacity to accompany you successfully and purposefully in foundation erection and management. Naturally, this applies not only to non-profit foundations. Also family and corporate foundations can be useful instruments within succession and generation planning, which we are familiar with, too. We are happy to make this knowledge available to you.

Beyond, in our many years of service we have proven our experience and specific expertise in portfolio management for foundations. Even today many well-known foundations appreciate our asset management approaches particular for foundation assets.

Whatever we can do for you in the foundation area – we love to do it and do it at a fair price. Our commitment supports your commitment.