In times of global change, more and more people are rediscovering values such as security, reliability, sustainability and commitment - values that have always been important to us.

As experts working successfully in private banking for decades, we assume a special responsibility for the assets of the wealthy families, foundations and institutions we are consulting. We know from experience that empathy, listening intently and working hand in hand will lead to substantial results and can shape the future prudentially and to valuable effect. But above all, we know that in doing so a particular feeling evolves, the true key to mutual success: trust.

Our aim is that you, as our client, are pleased with our services and results as your independent asset manager, and thus establish a solid foundation of trust to build a long lasting healthy partnership. With our sense of values in mind, we look forward to offering you highly customised advice and to accompanying you in bringing your individual investment goals to their fruition.

Welcome to ProVidens Vermögensmanagement – your trusted asset advisors

René Stadtmüller, Stefan Mönkediek